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Kids and Chiropractic

“Back”ster Bear welcomes you to the Meyer Chiropractic Center

“Children Need Spinal Care Too”

I examined two different 13 year olds during the same week. Both gymnasts, both with neck pain and both of these girls had arthritis developing in their neck.

Yes, 13 years old!

Your kids live in a world with their head bent down looking into a computer, looking at a cell phone or working at a desk. Very rarely do they look up at the sky. No wonder by the time they get to adulthood one in three will develop neck problems and around eight of ten will develop low back problems.

Spinal problems begin at any age and can linger for years and years costing money and lost time from fun activities.

You take your child to get their eyes checked. You take them to get their teeth checked.

Why not take them to get their spine checked?

At Meyer Chiropractic Center we have been treating children’s spines for over 30 years. All our doctors have children of their own that they have treated since birth. We have the experience to treat young spines carefully and safely.

You wouldn’t wait for a huge cavity to develop before you take your child to a dentist. You wouldn’t wait until your child runs into a wall before you get their eye’s checked.

Don’t wait until your child has a neck pain or begins suffering with back pain before you bring them to our office.

We have appointments available for your child.

It’s easy; just give us a call at 817 468-7246.

We look forward to helping your family enjoy life.

Dr. Meyer and Dr. Fogle

The first stress placed on a child’s spinal column is during the birthing process. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment. Pediatric chiropractic information brought to you by Integrity Doctors.

New patients receive a free consultation!

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